AMAZING! - New - Super Powerful - Hedge Trimmer Battery!

A Truly Amazing New Way To Create a
New Powerful Hedge Trimmer Battery
6X Run Time For Less Money!

Cordless Hedge Trimmers are Fantastic - No 110v. Power Cords But - The Batteries Are Expensive & Don't Last Long Enough -
GOAL = Reduce Trimmer Weight - Increase Run Time - Less $

As with all cordless tools, your hedge trimmer battery doesn't last long enough when it is new and after some use it's run time drops even more.

If the manufacturers battery is weak or short run - you were stuck with it and there were no battery choices - Until Now!

The manufacturers battery is the most convenient, but by moving the battery to a bandoleer you get the advantage of a lighter tool and up to 6 times the run time. The cord going from the bandoleer to the tool is only a slight negative. You still have complete freedom to go anywhere and not need a mile long extension cord that gets tangled in everything.

This New Ryobi Trimmer comes with an 18 volt Li-ion battery at 2400 mAh power. Our Rambo Battery™ can be built with 4500 mAh NiMH cells - that is almost double the run time. You can also build 3 parallel 4500 mAh batteries on one bandoleer for almost 6 times the run time of that Li-ion battery. Are you impressed yet?

Now let's talk about the price. A Rambo Battery™ Battery Kit will cost you $23 plus S&H. Super high power NiMH cells for an 18 volt battery will cost about $32 on Ebay. Assemble it for your trimmer at a total cost of $55 + S&H.

Now let's talk about "on going" cost. When the cheap original battery dies you will need to buy another one or two or three. When you wear out the cells in the Rambo Battery™ you can replace the cells with new high power NiMH cells for $32, that give 2 to 3 times the run time of the original battery!
Now that is special!

Maybe you are built like "the rock" so weight means nothing to you, but for most people, the lighter the better. The Rambo Battery™ makes it possible to have up to 6 times the run time. Can you imagine how much weight 6 batteries would add to the trimmer? But, we made the trimmer lighter by cutting half the weight of the li-ion battery. That's right! Our modified Ryobi battery adapter weights half of the short Li-ion battery!

More Power Than Lithium and Lighter Too!

This Ryobi Lithium battery is 18 volts at 2400 mAh and it weights just over 1 pound. You probably know that when the battery goes bad it is history - you can't Resurrect it as you can a NiCad and it is dangerous to replace cells in it. When it is dead you need to cough up the $60 to $80 for a new one.

This new lighter battery still adds 1 pound to your trimmer.

This Standard Ryobi battery has the cell cluster removed from the inside - that is why it weighs less than 1/2 of the lithium battery. Whether you have a Ryobi, Worx, Black and Decker or other hedge trimmer, the battery weight will be over 1 pound and the battery adapter for your trimmer will always be at least a 1/2 pound lighter.

Because the Rambo Battery™ carries the cells in the bandoleer, you don't feel the weight as you do when you are constantly extending your arms. You get the advantage of less trimmer weight with up to 6X the run time and the ability to OverVoltage for greater power.

The New Rambo Battery™ is Easy to Build
How Are The Cells Used in a Rambo Battery™?

Locate the cells you want to use. This picture is from an Ebay seller offering 15 NiMH cells for under $32. There are many online sellers also. NiCad cost even less than NiMH.

Every NiCad or NiMH cell is 1.2 volts. It is easy to determine the number of cells you need.

  • 12 volts = 10 cells
  • 14.4 volts = 12 cells
  • 18 volts = 15 cells

The Rambo Battery™ plans will teach you everything you need to know about Sub-C cells. If you are tight on money, you can use good cells from 2 or more old tool batteries - saving you money while recycling.

Whatever cells you use, your new Rambo Battery™ can run your trimmer and all other battery tools from all manufacturers up to 6x longer & with more power.

cell cluster removed from craftsman 19.2 EX battery
Inserting the Good Cells into the Bandoleer

The Rambo Battery™ is made with elastic and velcro, so anyone can build it.

You insert the cells into the elastic pockets on the belt. Just push them in! Some wiring and soldering and it's ready.

Convert an old battery housing into an adapter and your trimmer is ready to cut, and cut, and cut.

The Rambo Battery™ Plans (included in each kit) show you step by step with great detail, so even the total amateur can build this.

cell cluste from dewalt xr 18 volt nicad battery
Connecting The Rambo Battery™ To The Trimmer

Just plug in the battery adapter as a normal battery and the trimmer is ready to cut.

You can also use this same Rambo Battery™ for any brand of tool including Dewalt, Craftsman, Black and Decker, Makita, Milwaukee, Bosch, Ryobi, Hitachi, Skil, and all others. No Limits!

Our Rambo Battery™ comes in the Standard Version or the Multi-Voltage Version up to 19.2 volts. We even offer a 36 volt Multi-Voltage version that can run any and all tools up to 36 volts. Our bandoleer has 50 pockets allowing you to build up to (3) 19.2 volt batteries on a bandoleer for 3 to 6 times the run time. You can even OverVoltage your trimmer with a Rambo Battery™ - power your tools have never seen before.

I Love This Idea - But How Do I Charge It?
Connecting and Charging Your New Battery

A battery adapter, like the one to the right, is easy to make.

You start with a dead battery. Remove the cell cluster from inside.

You solder the 2 wires with connectors and it will connect your new Rambo Battery™ to your hedge trimmer, cordless tools, and your charger.

To charge your Rambo Battery™ you just plug the battery adapter into your charger as you do with other batteries. It's that simple!

cell cluster removed from craftsman 19.2 EX battery
Works For All Brands and Voltage Trimmers

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